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The Riordan Management Group’s Commitment to Your Project – Our Team is committed to providing professional project management services throughout the entire process in a proactive, timely, systematic, and cost conscious manner to ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget while meeting or exceeding your requirements.
  • Chenango Forks Central School District, 1 Gordon Drive, Binghamton, NY 13901

  • Contact: Dr. Lloyd “Joe” Peck, Superintendent. (607) 648-7543,

  • Budget – $18.2mm

  • Architect – Mr. Paul Bedford, Keystone Associates, Binghamton, NY       

  • Potential Project scope includes:

  • $12.4mm renovations at the High School, including Art/Technology renovations and addition including dust collector, Science Room renovations and addition, Library renovations including upgrading use of technology and group learning, restroom renovations including providing ADA accessibility, replace corridor lockers, partial roof replacement, skylight replacement, reconstruct portions of parking lot failure, additional PA speakers at exterior, replace ceramic floor tile in locker room showers, brick repointing, add AC to Staff Professional Development Room, provide second exit from Pool Boiler Room, and asbestos abatement of kilns.

  • $150k renovations at the Middle School, including additional PA speakers at the exterior and replace existing dust collector at Technology Room.

  • $50k renovations at the Elementary School, including additional PA speakers at the exterior, reconstruct exterior wall tiles and interior door jambs, add fall protection to 8 skylights, and abate asbestos pipe fittings.

  • $300k to replace the fuel tank canopy at the Bus Garage.

  • $4.1mm renovations District Wide, including security upgrades (new interior and exterior cameras, additional exterior card access, interior card readers, and add door contacts to exterior doors), technology upgrades (full wireless coverage, PoE switches, CAT 6 cabling), replace existing telephone system with VoIP, and replace existing clock systems with GPS system.



  • Newark Valley Central School District – 79 Whig Street, Newark Valley, NY 13811

  • Contact: Mr. Ryan Dougherty, Superintendent. (607) 642-3221.

  • Mr. Gary Hoskins, Director of Facilities. (607) 642-3221.

    Project Referendum - $15.5mm

  • Project scope includes:

  • $9.7mm to replace the old Transportation Facility.The new Transportation Facility will be 13,000 sq ft and will include 3 repair bays, drive-through bus wash, new lifts and tire changer, maintenance area and service bays, parts storage, offices, training room, and mechanical room.

  • $5.8mm renovations at the High School, Middle School, and Nathan T. Hall Elementary School.Removal of Middle School cafeteria from basement location and renovation of Middle School kitchen, refurbish the small gym into a multi-purpose room (which will also serve as the cafeteria).Other renovations include reconstruction of the tennis courts, roof replacement, upgrades to telephone system, sidewalk additions and replacement, new security cameras, new LED lighting, preservation of Alexander Park dam, repoint exterior mortar joints and repair brick cracks, locker room ventilation, geothermal improvements, and fuel island renovations.

  • Schedule: Pre-planning April 2015 through Spring 2016, Construction Summer 2016 through Winter 2017

  • Harpursville Central School District, 54 Main Street, Harpursville, NY 13787

  • Contact: Ms. Kathy Wood, Superintendent.(607) 693-8101,

  • Budget – $17.2mm

  • Architect – Mr. Michael James, Ashley McGraw Architects, Syracuse, NY       

  • Scope includes full service Construction Management for the District, including:

  • $8.2mm renovation of Olmsted Elementary School, including playgrounds, site paving and roadway improvements, new kitchen loading dock and consolidated kitchen design, full classroom renovation of 29 rooms (floors, ceiling, lighting, casework, restrooms, etc.), cafeteria and gym renovations, new bleachers, sound systems, gym lighting, 60,000 sq ft new EPDM roofing, new fire alarm systems/VOIP/ PA systems/new clocks, new sectional boiler, comprehensive security upgrades (vestibules, lock-down hardware, interior/exterior cameras, badge access, and intrusion systems), 25kw photovoltaic panel system with dashboard monitoring.

  • $600,000 athletic field bleachers, press box, & new public restroom facilities.

  • $8.4mm Junior/Senior High renovations, including comprehensive updates to Family and Consumer Sciences, Vocal/Band Music Suite, Art/Technology/ Computer Lab, exterior window replacement, new boys’/girls locker rooms and restroom upgrades, new warming and serving kitchen/cafeteria, all new fuel tank monitoring systems, full parking lot and roadway reconstruction, drainage improvements, new fire alarm/VOIP/PA systems/clocks/network switches/emergency lighting improvements, new 350kw generator, full security enhancements, and 60,000+ sq ft new EPDM roofing.



" [RMG's] extensive knowledge, experience, and specific skill sets will be an asset to any district involved in capital improvements and renovations."


  • Whitney Point Central School District, 10 Keibel Road, Whitney Point, NY

  • Contact(s): Ms. Pat Follette – Superintendent(607) 692-8269,

                        Mr. Terry Dean – Director of Facilities (607) 692-8270,                                                 

  • Remaining Funds – $7.5 mm

  • Architect – Ashley McGraw Architects, Syracuse, NY(315) 425-1814

                                Mr. Michael James, Senior Project Manager

  • Coupled with favorable Contractor bids, strategic planning and proactive cost tracking throughout Phases A & B, WPCSD was able to go back to NYSED with a third phase of work, Phase 2C.Scope of work included full service Construction Management for the District, including:

  • Middle School improvements included:

  • Extensive site improvements to enhance and dedicate traffic flow: separate bus loops, pedestrian walkways, student drop off and staff/student parking, all isolated from one another.

  • Reconstructed tennis courts, new basketball courts, and age appropriate play structure.

  • New roof at Auditorium and repoint roof coping stone.

  • Replace remaining windows that were not replaced in Phase 2B.

  • Reconstruct and expand second floor student toilet rooms.

  • Provide gas detection system for Boiler Room.

  • Add ventilation to offices and girls’ locker room.

  • Masonry washing at exterior of building.

  • Install concrete compactor pad.

  • Renovations to the High School included:

  • New site stormwater detention system.

  • Replace roofs not previously replaced in Phase 2B, and replace

            remaining rooftop exhaust fans.

  • Install concrete compactor pad.

  • Elementary School improvements includde:

  • Replace existing curtains and projection screen on stage.

  • Provide additional electrical outlets and circuits on stage.

  • Schedule – July 2012 thru Dec. 2013

  • Whitney Point Central School District, 10 Keibel Road, Whitney Point, NY 13862

  • Contact(s): Ms. Pat Follette – Superintendent, (607) 692-8269

                         Mr. Terry Dean – Director of Facilities, (607) 692-8270

  • Project Referendum – $36mm

  • Architect – Mr. Michael James, Ashley McGraw Architects, Syracuse, NY

                        (315) 425-1814

  • Project Scope included full service Construction Management to the District for this phased renovation project inclusive of:

  • Bus Garage renovations including vehicle lift rebuild, new HVAC, exterior overhead door replacement, security and DDC enhancements, site paving and lighting upgrades, and 12,000 gallon diesel fueling station.

  • Comprehensive kitchen/cafeteria reconstruction to all three schools including new equipment, HVAC, lighting, security, loading docks, fire alarm, plus two new kitchen additions.

  • Alternative energy implementation to all three schools, install rooftop photovoltaic panels to convert solar energy to electric power, obtain 50% funding from NYSERDA.

  • Elementary reconstruction of music, art, OT/PT, and library areas, also full renovation to elementary administration and infrastructure areas (nurse, guidance, psychologist, etc.), new electric and phone service, pool roof replacement, new exterior doors, and new playground.

  • District-wide security enhancements, including front entrance modifications to all (3) schools and additional internal/external cameras.

  • $18mm upgrade to Middle School including 31,000 sq ft roofing replacement, music suite reconstruction, library renovation, auditorium and stage upgrades (new seats, stage lights, sound, stage wiring, rigging, and H/C lift), new electrical switchgear, interior and exterior doors, new DDC and fire alarm system, new lockers, new art rooms, main office and guidance suite reconstruction, new receiving addition, renovate small gym, plus renovations to various other classrooms, new windows, and new hallway ceiling and lighting.

  • High School improvements include new 500KW generator, auditorium upgrades (seats, lighting, HVAC, and sound system), gym upgrades (HVAC, folding partitions, new bleachers, scoreboards, etc.), Home and Careers reconstruction, music suite reconstruction, complete exterior curtain wall replacement, new library, High School office/District office reconstruction, new fire tube boilers, interior door replacement, and various restroom improvements.

  • Soccer, softball, football, and baseball field improvements.

  • Schedule/Timing: March 2010 through July 2012.

  • Binghamton Central School District, 164 Hawley Street, Binghamton, NY 13901

  • Budget – $79.5mm

  • Architect – Ashley McGraw Architects, Syracuse, NY(315) 425-1814

     Mr. Ed McGraw, Chief Executive Officer

  • Project responsibilities include strategic planning and comprehensive referendum planning and estimating, including:

  • $69.2mm full reconstruction of flooded MacArthur Elementary including demolition, site fill, new 111,000 sq ft K-5 educational facility, comprehensive alternative energy to achieve “net zero” energy school, 585kw photovoltaic system, 150+ geothermal wells, hydronic heating system and LED external/internal lighting.

  • The Riordan Management Group’s responsibilities to date include three comprehensive design team cost estimates and cost validation prior to referendum.

  • Schedule: Pre-planning Aug ‘12 thru Nov ‘13, Construction Dec ‘13 thru Aug ’15.


  • Newark Valley Central School District, 79 Whig Street, Newark Valley, NY 13811

  • Project Budget – $8.4mm

  • Architect – Mr. Robert Warholic, Clark Patterson Lee, Binghamton, NY 13901

  • Project scope included:

  • Complete renovation of Football Field, 8-lane Track, and Grandstand. Asphalt paving and rubber track surface with paved D-zones for new 8-lane track, 4’ high perimeter fencing and gates around track, new shot put pad and toe board, new discus pad, and circle and net.

  • New Softball Field at High School – 18’ high backstop and canopy, baseball bases, home plate, portable bleachers, and dugouts.

  • Reconstruction of existing Baseball Field at Elementary School – new underdrains and storm piping, 18’ high backstop and canopy, miscellaneous gates, new baseball bases, pitcher’s mound, home plate, foul pole, team benches, and dugouts.

  • New basketball court with 6 hoops.

  • Two (2) new playgrounds, Kindergarten and Elementary Schools.Replace existing wood playground equipment and surfacing with new playground equipment and surfacing.

  • New Stormwater Management System consisting of twenty-eight (28) catch basins, 2,500 ft of perforated pipe, and over 2,600 lf of underground stormwater chambers.

  • Extensive parking lot and sidewalk upgrades inclusive of approximately 18,000 sq ft of concrete and 90,000 sq ft of asphalt paving.

  • New full load emergency generators and automatic transfer switches.

  • Removal of existing underground fuel tanks and installation of (2) new underground propane tanks, vaporizers, and underground piping serving new hot water systems.

  • High School and Middle School Gymnasium upgrades consisting of gym floor replacement and new motorized bleachers.

  • Auditorium lighting and sound system upgrades. Replace stage lighting and controls, new dimming rack and theatrical lighting.

  • New fire alarm, security cameras, and door access systems.

  • Exterior/interior door and hardware replacement with integrated electronic door hold opens.

  • New lockers, toilet rooms, and VCT flooring classrooms.

  • Timing – Spring ’10 – Summer ’11.

  • Chenango Forks Central School District, 1 Gordon Drive, Binghamton, NY 13901

  • Project Budget – $10.9mm

  • Architect – Mr. Steve Thesier, Bearsch Compeau Knudson Architects & Engineers, Binghamton, NY

  • Project scope included:

  • Reconstruction of a multi-purpose stadium for Football/Soccer/Lacrosse, 1,000-seat capacity, new 8-lane track, artificial turf surface, new under-drainage and sound system.

  • Renovation of (2) Playgrounds – replace existing playground equipment, surfacing and install new playground equipment, drainage, and surfacing.

  • HS Gym Renovations – new HVAC, motorized bleachers, fluorescent light fixtures, wireless scoreboards, wall pads, and miscellaneous painting.

  • HS Auditorium Renovations – 600-seat capacity, new seating, HVAC, stage floor, control booth, carpeting at aisles, and misc. painting.Installed a platform lift in the corridor for handicap accessibility to Auditorium.

  • Abatement of classroom floor tile and installation of new VCT at (3) Schools. New hallway sheet flooring at Middle and Intermediate Schools.

  • Enhanced Security with additional cameras, door access, and new secured vestibules at all (3) schools. Also, new entrance sidewalks and canopies.

  • Complete kitchen/serving line renovation to improve flow of serving lines & improve equipment layout. New equipment, lighting, ceilings, flooring.

  • New Elevator – installed elevator to provide handicap accessibility to basement level classrooms.

  • New Aluminum RFP doors at building entrances and new exterior exit doors at (24) Elementary School classrooms.

  • New Fire Alarm Systems at High School and Middle Schools, new digital exterior signage, and replacement of unit ventilators at Middle School.

  • High School and Middle School entrance roadway reconstruction and other miscellaneous paving.

  • Electrical Switchgear replacement, full load Emergency Generator packages, and electrical pole relocation to replace electrical lines above stadium bleachers with an underground line.

  • Reconstruction of (2) Soccer and (1) Lacrosse field – deep tine aeration, core aeration, topdressing with sand, and compost and overseeding.

  • Expansion of High School Nurse’s Office to create handicap accessible toilet room and more space for nurse’s station, waiting area, & cot areas.

  • Renovation of Boys Locker Room -New lockers/benches/flooring/painting.

  • Pool Renovations – replacement of diving boards, provide time clock control, replace pool deck, and drainage piping.

  • Timing – Spring ‘08 – Fall ‘09.



  • South Kortright School District, 58200 State Highway 10, South Kortright, NY
    Contact(s):Ms. Patricia Norton-White, Superintendent

                          Mr. Nathan Kanarek, Business Manager

  • Budget: $4mm

  • Architect:  SWBR Architects: Michael Kuz & Peter N. Clabeaux

  • Scope included detailed construction monitoring of $4.2mm renovation program completed in the fall of 2009.Principle elements included:

  • Bus garage addition, new vehicle lift, repair bay build-out, new boiler room

  • Roof replacement, classroom renovation upgrades, new gym skylights

  • High School kitchen renovations, auditorium/cafeteria upgrade, new bleachers, fire alarm and security enhancements, and new DDC temperature control system

  • Site-wide parking and roadway paving, new basketball/tennis court, generator and other electrical improvements


  • Whitney Point Central School District, 10 Keibel Road, Whitney Point, NY

  • Contact: Ms. Pat Follette, Superintendent (607) 692-8269

  • Project Budget – $14mm

  • Architect – Mr. Steve Brennan, SWBR, Rochester, NY

  • Project scope included renovation of (15) High School Math/ Science Wing Classrooms and (25) Elementary Classrooms. Other infrastructure improvements included new fire tube boilers and unit ventilator replacement, extensive asbestos remediation, 250KW generator, new HS electrical switchgear, fire alarm/master clock, security & DDC enhancements, upgrades to internal lighting and restrooms, replacement of external building curtain walls, new (8) lane track, and full swimming pool rebuild.

  • Schedule: Spring ’07 – Fall ‘08

  • Scope of services completed in 2007 included $21mm master plan, concept development and detailed project submission to NYSED, OCFS, OMRDD, and other local agencies.  Comprehensive estimating and project sequencing to facilitate:

  • Site master plan to dedicate separate bus loops, walk ways, student drop off, and staff parking areas.

  • New site infastructure including a 200 vehicle expansion to various parking lots, new playgrounds and roadway improvements, new sanitary, storm and domestic water enhancements.

  • 5,300 sq ft kitchen/cafeteria addition & 9,500 sq ft six classroom addition

  • New gymnasium, locker room(s), and multi-purpose area

  • Extensive renovations to five existing classrooms, indoor pool, office/administrative areas, and other code compliant upgrades

  • 3 new residental housing units, development of residental/educational campus



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